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Stephanie Hönig - Horses in Harmony


The invisible bond between you and your horse is built in trust, respect and an understanding for each other.

If we see the horse as an individual, which it is, and look at it from a neutral perspective, we will quickly realize the type of horse we are dealing with and what needs it has.

Am I standing before an extrovert-emotional horse or an introvert-creative horse? Perhaps the horse is extrovert-creative or introvert-emotional? I would like to show you the meaning of this and thereby bringing you closer to your horse.


Every one of these horses needs a different task and strategy and this specific moment. If we are able to understand these and work with them, we can achieve our goals and we will have a great pleasure in doing so.

I work with positive reinforcement and the psychology of horses. When we try to understand them, to be with them in the here and now, we will win a faithful companion.

My Training with the horses, starts with a basic Training of Horsemanship “Online”. The partnership with the horse is paramount, both when dealing with a young or an older horse. Every horse, with whom I get to train, goes through this program first. It enables us to find a shared communication and be on the same wavelength. I like to compare this to a school system:


- Elementary school (“Online” + natural/ free riding)

- Highschool (Equikinetic and Dualactivation+Liberty)

- University (Specialization)


My special attention is twofold- on the one hand, it is directed towards the horses psyche and on the other hand, it is directed towards the physical Training of the horses. This means that it is up to us, to train the horses to be able to ride with us and to accept our special preferences of riding, without taking damage. In order to obtain this goal a balanced training is necessary.


The Equikinetic and the ridden Dualactivation are “Training tools” which I would not want to miss out on anymore. They are not only effective but they also allow for a varied Training for the horse and the rider.


I would love to tell you more about my philosophy and my way of conducting horse Trainings. So feel free to take a look around on my homepage and visit my Facebook page. To contact me, feel free to give me a call or write me an E-mail and we can arrange a joint appointment.


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I love what i´m doing and if i could help you and your horse, so let me know, and i´m looking forward to meet you.